clear as glass


7.1.24: debating an index page overhaul...

6.7.24: it's my birthday :]

6.5.24: booklog update + added to /cool!

5.31.24: more perfumes (oops) and updated /now!

5.18.24: finally got the revamped umineko shrine up! might tweak it more, as always, but it feels nice to have something back up. also added more buttons to the wall

5.17.24: some css changes, mainly because i'm starting to understand how vw/vh work and where to use them vs percentages vs em etc.. stuff might look broken but i really hope it isn't too messed up...

5.9.24: new perfumes added to the perfume page! new video on /cool!

4.29.24: bought a few albums so added those to the music page + added a few more buttons and the like.

4.23.24: (´▽`) thought abt moving site hosts but i think i'll stick w/ neocities for now. my lack of tech-savvyness gets in my way again. i renamed the site (again) to avoid the phone number debacle. and rebuilt a lot of the site from scratch, incl. file organization, removed some images to make things more lightweight, etc..

albums i'm digging

7.1.24: TOXIC by the gazette. vkei renaissance be upon ye

6.18.24: mingkurray's indoor cigarettes volumes. honestly i haven't been listening to much music lately

4.29.24: challengers (2024) soundtrack. i liked the movie but the score elevated it like no other. thank you NIN

4.23.24: les miserables soundtrack. yeah that's right we like musicals here too

3.25.24: ketamine girl by akiaura x LONOWN. crystal castles fans come get y'alls juice

2.29.24: hybrid theory by linkin park. this album will always go hard idec. rip chester

2.13.24: RAT WARS by HEALTH. godddd this album rocks, especially when listening chronologically. the transition of hateful into (of all else) is incredible.

1.24.24: plastic death by glass beach. no idea what genre this is but it rocks

12.28.23: urchin's self-titled album. fun trip hop-y massive attack-esque album.

12.26.23: bowery electric's self-titled album.

12.13.23: kindred by burial. been on a real future garage kick lately